Right Direction America’s mission is to advocate for activities, priorities, and policies that effect the American public.

A few issues that Right Direction America stands for include:

Education and School Choice

At Right Direction America, we believe that parents and families should be empowered to make the choices that best meet the needs of their children. No child should be stuck in a failing school. School accountability and transparency are critical to a functioning education system. RDA supports policies that not only improve the quality of education, but give parents access to information, and ample choice to make decisions for their family.

Economic Growth and Prosperity

Free-market economic principles are key to driving our nation’s success. Right Direction America supports lowering the overall tax burden on the American family, which will result in prosperity and encourage innovation. Attracting advanced manufacturing businesses and other industries from overseas will create jobs and opportunity in America. So many of our social issues, including drug addiction and high crime rates, can be best addressed with a growing, robust economy and available jobs.

Light Regulation

In order for small businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive, government should tear down any barriers in their way. Over many decades, regulators have put restrictions on starting and growing a business to the detriment of the American people. Many times, these regulations provide no health or safety benefit. Right Direction America supports methodically reducing unnecessary regulations and unleashing small businesses to do what they do best. An overwhelming percentage of businesses in America are small. They can’t afford to figure out how to navigate the complexities of government, nor should they have to.

Public Safety

One of government’s chief responsibilities is the protection of its people. Unfortunately, our dedicated law enforcement officers have come under attack across the nation with threats of defunding our police departments. Crime rates are on the rise across the country. Right Direction America supports fully funding our law enforcement and giving them sufficient resources, training, and equipment to effectively do their jobs. Recruitment and retention of our dedicated men and women in uniform are necessary to a strong nation that respects the rule of law.